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E-Retail is increasingly becoming the most popular form of business in the global economy. It enables merchants and customers to sell and buy quickly and efficiently anywhere, anytime, in a quick and efficient way. With the staggering increase in opportunities, competition has arisen equally amongst companies, forcing merchants to offer their customers a seamless, convenient and secure shopping experience.

The checkout is where visitors become paying customers.

Lead your customers seamlessly and with a consistent and uniform payment flow. Learn more about DIMOCO’s Checkout Page Solutions on how to increase brand awareness for your business.

Recognize returning customers for fast checkouts.

Get a seamless checkout experience for returning customers and create loyalty. Tokenizing technology recalls payment data from secure servers to enable one-click payments. Single clicks for more revenue.

No matter which audience or geographic
location you’re on, boost cross-border conversion
with the best combination of payment methods.

Customers expect a variety of payment options. Do not limit yourself to fewer opportunities and capture the maximum number of visitors to your site. DIMOCO Payments offers more than 100 payment methods and of course gives you the guidance that best suits your target group.