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Use Case Three


Create a Seamless Payment and User Experience

The Challenge:

An eCommerce Merchant was experiencing technical issues, that hindered the payment process, and discouraged user engagement.  

The Solution:

Enhanced Technical Corrections on the Merchant Side. We provided recommendations to streamline and optimize the technical aspects of processing transactions, ensuring a more efficient and error-free payment process. Here’s how we did it: 

Transaction Processing Guidance:

We offered detailed recommendations to our merchant partners regarding how to process transactions effectively. This included providing step-by-step guidance on the sequence of actions required to ensure successful payments. 

Field and Value Usage:

To minimize errors and maximize compatibility, we provided specific advice on which fields to use and what values to input in various transaction scenarios. This precision helped standardize the process and reduce the likelihood of data-related issues.

Controlling Mechanisms:

To further enhance the merchant website’s performance and reliability, we recommended the implementation of controlling mechanisms at the field level. These mechanisms helped validate and verify data input, preventing common errors and ensuring smooth transaction processing. 


By offering these comprehensive recommendations, we reduced transaction errors, improved data quality, and enhanced the payment process. 

Key Takeaway:

Our efforts in optimizing technical corrections on the merchant side played a crucial role in increasing conversion rates. By equipping our partners with the knowledge and tools needed to improve their payment processing, we fostered a seamless and reliable experience. 



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