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Powering Your Gameplay

In the fast-paced world of gaming, every second counts, and so make sure you are offering the best payment methods to your community. DIMOCO Payments ensures your players are always ready to level up with swift and secure transactions.  

Whether they are purchasing in-game content, subscribing to gaming platforms, or exploring the latest releases, our payment solutions will keep them in the game. Say goodbye to frustrating payment interruptions, reach an international audience and embrace the future of gaming payments with DIMOCO Payments. 

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Your partner in
seamless streaming

Accept one-off payments or boost subscriptions. Our payment solution enables you to manage your payment flow and offer the best payment methods to your customers. Allowing them to effortlessly enjoy their chosen streaming content

With us, your customers can focus on catching up with their favorite content and not worry about the hassle of payment issues. Privacy and security for both you and your consumers is a top priority. Our solution has rigorous protections that ensures a safe environment for all players.   

Simplifying Content Streaming Payments

In the world of content streaming, the convenience of carrier billing is revolutionizing how users access their favorite shows and movies. By enabling subscribers to charge their streaming subscriptions directly to their mobile phone bills, this method removes the barriers of credit cards and bank accounts, offering unparalleled accessibility. 

Security is paramount in the realm of content streaming, and carrier billing doesn’t disappoint. It minimizes the risk of sensitive information exposure, giving users the peace of mind they need to enjoy their entertainment without worry. 

What sets carrier billing apart is its seamless and user-friendly payment mechanism. Subscribers can easily make payments, promoting impulse purchases and fostering a frictionless experience that enhances the joy of content streaming. 

For the modern content streamer, carrier billing is the intelligent choice. It combines ease of use with enhanced financial security, making it the preferred method for accessing a world of digital entertainment. 


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ePublishing - stay informed and entertained

From traditional publishers to new-era content creators, DIMOCO Payments is your gateway to a new audience. Boost sales with ease by offering your readers a hassle-free payment experience. From eBooks to digital magazines, our payment solutions cater to your audience’s preferences, ensuring that your creations reach a global audience without any payment barriers. 

Boost purchases with carrier billing

Imagine a world where digital readers can effortlessly access their favorite ePublications without the complications of credit cards or bank accounts. Carrier billing makes this a reality by offering a straightforward and secure payment option. 

With carrier billing, subscribers can conveniently charge their ePublication subscriptions or individual issues to their mobile phone bills. This method eliminates the need for traditional payment methods, making ePublishing more accessible than ever before. 

One significant advantage of carrier billing is the heightened security it provides. Subscribers no longer need to worry about exposing their sensitive payment information. It offers peace of mind while indulging in your digital reading experience. 

Carrier billing streamlines the payment process, making it incredibly user-friendly. The result? A frictionless experience that encourages impulse purchases, so your readers can explore and enjoy new ePublications without any hassle. 

For the modern digital reader, carrier billing is the smart choice. It combines convenience with a strong sense of financial security. 

Dating - connect with confidence

Finding love or companionship online should be a joyful journey. DIMOCO Payments guarantees secure and discreet payment options for dating platforms. We understand the sensitivity of this arena, and our services are designed to protect privacy while effortlessly ensuring connections. 

Mobile Matches with Carrier Billing

In the realm of online dating, carrier billing is transforming the way users interact and connect with potential matches. By allowing users to charge their online dating subscriptions to their mobile phone bills, carrier billing removes the need for traditional payment methods, making online dating more accessible to everyone. 

Security and privacy are of paramount importance in the world of online dating, and carrier billing offers an extra layer of protection. It reduces the risk of exposing sensitive payment information, giving users the confidence to explore and connect with others. 

What truly sets carrier billing apart is its seamless and user-friendly payment process. Users can easily make payments, encouraging spontaneous actions and creating a hassle-free experience for those looking for love or companionship online. 

For the modern online dater, carrier billing is the smart choice. It combines convenience with an enhanced sense of financial security, making the journey to finding the perfect match even more enjoyable and accessible. 

Why Choose DIMOCO Payments?


We employ the latest encryption technologies to safeguard financial data, ensuring every transaction is protected. 


Say goodbye to delays. We provide lightning-fast transactions, so you never miss a beat. 


Our services are designed to cater to customers and businesses worldwide, making international transactions as simple as domestic ones. 


We believe in making payments simple. Our intuitive dashboard ensures you are in control of your payments.


Have a question or need assistance? Our dedicated support team is available around the clock to assist you. 

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Whether you are a gaming provider, a streaming platform, an ePublisher, or dating app, we have the payment solution to ensure a seamless user experience for both you and your customers. Partner with DIMOCO Payments to make payments simpler, safer, and more efficient than ever before. 



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