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How customers expect to pay has changed. Our lives are becoming more and more digital, and we expect a certain amount of crossover in our offline lives. What does this mean? It means that those operating in the physical world have to ensure that their services can still be bought and used via the digital one. From public transport to mobility disrupters - the revolution is online.

What our mobility partners say:

SWB Logo

“Paying by mobile phone bill has emerged as the primary means of payment for in-app ticket sales over the past few years and is now the most popular payment option for occasional drivers.” 

Anja Wenmakers

Managing Director of SWB Bus und Bahn and SWB Mobil in Bonn

Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe Logo

“The mobile payment method has been in use in Leipzig for years and is an enrichment in the mix of payment methods, as it offers customers an uncomplicated way of making a purchase and also makes those customers accessible to us who, for example, would not otherwise be able to purchase tickets due to lack of an account. In general, app sales and thus cashless payments are growth drivers with steadily increasing importance.” 

Sandy Brachmann

Head of Marketing at Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe (LVB) GmbH

Nextbike by Tier LOGO

"Our partnership with DIMOCO payments is a leading example of a mutual beneficial cooperation. For us as a micromobility pioneer and market-leader in europe a strong partner like DIMOCO helps us create suitable and convenient payment solutions for our customers. Carrier Billing is a great fit to our payment mix because it enables bike riders access shared mobility solutions in an easy and fast way." 

Tonio Bierhoff

Head of Marketing at nextbike by Tier

What are the payment challenges faced by mobility providers?

Modern Consumers

Modern consumers demand effortless and swift payment solutions that seamlessly integrate with their fast-paced lifestyles. The ease of transaction processes gradually shapes user adoption and subsequently impacts the overall revenue generated by services. While a bad payment experience might not cause someone to abandon public transportation immediately, the long-term consequences of poor experience are often underestimated. 


Even in the realm of public transport, there is competition. Take for example, Germany: A  consumer does not have to purchase their ticket from the DB Navigator, there are other apps and options available.  The decision on which one to use hinges on the quality of their experience. This holds true for a diverse range of users, including those from different demographics. Seemingly minor details can exert a notable influence on users’ decisions and preferences.  

What do users want… Convenience

Customers seek seamless and quick purchases that align with their on-the-go lifestyle. A difficult and convoluted process can cause frustration and abandonment. What simple steps can you take to improve your user experience: 

Users don’t want to complete a long application process to buy a ticket. Keep it simple and let them get on with their day and offer a guest checkout. 

Make sure you are offering relevant payment methods that are quick, secure, simple to use, and widely available 

What solution does DIMOCO Payments offer?

An easy way to give consumers what they want is by integrating Carrier Billing into your payment setup 

With us you can:  


The streamlined experience reduces friction during the checkout process, resulting in more completed purchases. 


It opens up new markets and customer segments, helping businesses expand their customer base.


Benefit from a more stable revenue stream with fewer payment-related issues. 

Integrating carrier billing payments into mobility yields several benefits: 


The one-click payment process aligns with the fast-paced urban lifestyle, enhancing user satisfaction and encouraging repeat usage. 


Carrier billing attracts new customers who prefer APMs, leading to increased adoption of the platform's services.


The streamlined  process reduces checkout friction, leading to faster transactions and improved user retention. 

By offering Carrier Billing, you can reach new customers and contribute to a more accessible urban mobility ecosystem. 


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