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Use Case Two


Reduce Shop Cart Abandonment with a Clear 3DS Strategy

The Challenge:

3DS provides protection for both consumers and merchants, however if not implemented correctly, it can hinder conversion rates and produce higher shop cart abandonment rates 

The Solution:

A pivotal aspect of our strategy for enhancing conversion rates was the meticulous improvement of the 3DS (3-D Secure) authentication process. Here’s how we tackled this part of the challenge: 

Recommendations for Merchants:

We offered detailed recommendations to our partner merchants on the specific parameters to send during the 3DS authentication process. By fine-tuning these parameters, we aimed to increase the likelihood of a successful transaction and reduce friction in the user experience. 

Distinguishing 3DS Flows:

It’s important to note that the 3DS process involves two distinct flows. The first is the frictionless flow, which occurs when the issuer validates the transaction without any hiccups. The second is the friction flow, which necessitates additional steps, such as user authentication. One of our primary goals was to elevate the frictionless 3DS flow, where transactions seamlessly proceed without redirection to an approval or password page. This meant that when the issuer confirms that everything is in order, the transaction proceeds smoothly. Our objective was to achieve a 10% increase in this frictionless flow, making the payment journey even more convenient for customers. 

Optimization Recommendations:

By implementing this comprehensive strategy, the business successfully increased its conversion rates by an impressive 6 to 8 percent. The systematic approach to error code analysis and action planning proved to be the key to unlocking higher conversion rates. Customers experienced a smoother, more transparent payment process, and the business achieved its growth objectives.

Key Takeaway:

This use case highlights how a strategic focus on error codes and a data-driven approach can lead to significant improvements in conversion rates. By understanding the nature of transaction failures and addressing them systematically, businesses can enhance the overall user experience and drive growth.



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