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Our acquiring services make it easy for your customers to make payments online. When a customer enters their payment card information, we spring into action. We send an authorization request to their bank through the credit and debit card networks, ensuring a swift and secure transaction. Once the payment is authorized, we retrieve the funds, streamlining the entire payment process for your business. 


Credit cards are the most commonly adopted payment solution worldwide and are virtually a must for online merchants in their payment mix. With its long history and being one of the first payment methods used on the Internet, card payment solutions offer a high level of customer acceptance and are trusted by merchants around the world. We offer you fully acquiring services for a smooth card payment processing. 

Paying by card for online purchases offers several advantages that make it a popular and convenient choice:


With our PCI DSS compliant payment platform credit and debit card transactions online are secure, with advanced encryption and authentication measures in place to protect financial information. 


You can reach customers from all over the world, with this worldwide payment method  


Cards are a convenient way to subscribe to streaming services, software subscriptions, and other recurring payments. 

By accepting card payments for online purchases, you provide a secure, convenient, and versatile way to shop. It continues to be the preferred method for consumers seeking efficiency when making online transactions.

You Decide Your Setup

Our payment platform puts you in charge of your payments. Discover how you can maximize conversion and protect your payments with our merchant services.


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