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High-end Getaway

-No tedious data entry-

Fully Customizable Checkout

-No specification of sensitive data-

Personal Approach

-Means of payment is always available-

Increase your conversion rate

Quick and easy check-out with only 2 clicks. Automatic verification and authorization of the mobile number takes place in the background. Billing is done via the customer’s mobile phone bill. An ingeniously simple process for maximum sales success!

"anyone, anywhere" means of payment

Automated identification of the cell phone number eliminates the need for manual data entry or sensitive information.

The simple and fast payment process creates a positive buying experience for your customers. Studies have shown that the “pay by mobile bill” option achieves a conversion rate of 70% for first-time transactions, whereas credit cards are at 10 – 12%.

Source: DIMOCO iGaming White Paper 2020/21

Unparalleled reach

Mobile phones are worldwide with three quarters of the top 10 developed countries’ populations owning a smartphone.

Globally, there are over 6.5 billion smartphones, and the number continues to grow. No other payment method offers such unprecedented access.

DIMOCO - Your Licensed Partner

As a proven partner of international mobile network operators, DIMOCO enables consumers all around the world to pay for goods and services with their mobile phone bill.