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Mobile Payment For Mobile Players

DCB or simply Carrier Billing merely requires the players to enter their mobile phone number to make a payment on the gambling operators page.
DCB contrast this with card-based payments as no additional data must be added and outscores other payment options with an unparalleled penetration rate and an inherently shorter checkout flow.
An average DCB deposit takes under 10 seconds

The pure telecommunications payment method Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) lets players use ‘pay by mobile’ option on their phone to directly charge the transaction amount to their monthly phone bill. This payment method is available to any device which can load a webpage – the only thing needed to confirm payments is a mobile number. Despite the strong tie to a mobile phone, Carrier Billing is compatible with tablets, desktop devices, Smart TVs and all popular software.

DIMOCO offers one API easily adjustable to allow deployment of the payment method in multiple markets and reduces the overall implementation process duration and cost.

Besides processing mobile payment DIMOCO also has a focus on gambling operator requirements:

Excellent uptime with 24/7 monitoring and a proactive approach to resolve outages managed by a team of industry professionals.

Alongside the industry standard fraud prevention measures we offer iGaming focused policies and procedures for fraud prevention, for example by limiting the total mobile numbers that can process transactions on a player account. Protection advice for the casino and guidelines on how to verify the player mobile number during the KYC process.

The option to generate custom periodic reports (hourly/daily/weekly) aimed at supporting the customer care and fraud prevention teams. And to help automation of Finance reporting and forecasting.

Casino operators are able to trigger refunds for transactions processed over DIMOCO. Thus, offering an easily accessible tool to address player complaints.

Europe’s gamblers are increasingly looking to play
and pay on mobile devices

Covid-19 accelerated Europe’s pre-existing growth trend of online gambling

In December 2022, H2 Gambling Capital predicted Europe’s online gambling revenue will increase by 111,28% from €25.7 billion in 2019 to €54.3 billion in 2027. Even if for land-based gambling a significant recovery is predicted, growth is only expected to increase very moderately by 6.13% from €75.1 billion in 2019 to €79.7 billion in 2027.

DIMOCO Online Gambling Chart

Increasingly, Europe’s gamers are looking to play on mobile and, more presciently, pay on mobile. When it comes to devices, mobiles are where consumers have the most trouble with using credit cards, with research by Brilliance showing that more than 80 percent of abandonment happen on mobile devices, in no small part due to payments being hard to make.

The trouble of using credit cards doesn’t always originate in a lack of convenience but often in the lack of a credit card itself. Whilst the UK scores a comparably high credit card penetration, the situation is very different in many other European countries. Up to 80 percent of sportsbook revenues are reported to derive from in-play bets, which translates to a rapidly increasing volume of bets being placed by mobile devices.

The ability of making a deposit on the spot makes Carrier Billing a cutting-edge technology and a revolutionary companion to in-play bets.

Online Gambling & Carrier Billing

Juniper Research anticipates that Carrier Billing spent on gambling will grow from $ 54.2 million in 2021 to  576.6 million in 2026 in Western Europe​.

Online gambling is going mobile

Furthermore, Carrier Billing is available in some of the biggest gambling hotspots in Europe:
Austria, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Sweden, UK.

For other markets please contact

The combination of the widest-reach payment method available in the most important European markets for gambling operators enables impulse purchase for everybody placing bets on smartphones, feature phones, desktop devices, tablets and Smart TVs.
The payment method Carrier Billing is available on any device that has an active SIM card inserted, no additional software is necessary, only one API connection is necessary to directly reach your customers.

How Does Carrier Billing Work?

Carrier Billing is an increasingly important payment solution for mobile content and services enabling the consumer to charge the cost directly to their mobile phone bill or take it directly from the pre-paid balance they have on their phone. This pure telecommunications payment method lets players use a ‘pay by mobile’ option on their phone, tablet or desktop to directly charge the transaction amount to their monthly bill.
DCB simply requires the consumer to enter their mobile phone number to make a payment. Contrast this with card-based payments where the user must share their name, card number, home address etc.

Together with the European mobile network operators, we guarantee the highest security standards. The familiar and trustworthy environment of the mobile network operators ensures secure payment, as well as a frictionless buying experience for users – without entering data and without redirecting to third-party payment service providers.
Carrier Billing is already a very frequently preferred alternative to credit cards, PayPal or online transfer for paying small amounts in app stores, for in-app purchases, parking tickets, snacks at vending machines, and when topping up Electric cars, but also for music downloads, online games or video-on-demand offers across Europe and beyond.

Carrier Billing Supports Responsible Gambling

Every European operator sets a cap to the monthly spending of their customers, in most cases it is set to EUR 50 per transaction or EUR 300 per month. This automatic measurement supports the concept of responsible gambling, no further customer-imposed limits must be set by gambling operators or players. Furthermore, as players are automatically undertaking an age verification processes through the mobile network operator’s database, those not appropriated-aged are prevented from gambling.

Award-Winning Services​

In December 2020, an independent judge panel awarded DIMOCO “Mobile Payment Solution of the Year”

“I like the customer friendliness”

“Very user friendly with the best value-for-money rates”

“Most responsive”

Photograph of Bettina Sommer

Bettina Sommer

Director Sales
DIMOCO Payments

Photograph of Bettina Sommer

Bettina Sommer

Director Sales
DIMOCO Payments

Tel: +43 1 33 66 888-2083