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The award-winning path for mobile network operators to new revenue streams for non-digital goods – put into practice.

We all know the expression “physically impossible” and for a long time this term seemed to apply to Carrier Billing relating to physical goods, in particular when weighing in PSD2.

Yet DIMOCO won the award “Best Aggregator Solution for DCB” and “Most Exciting Merchant Offering for DCB” at the Global Carrier Billing Summit 2021 – both based on DCB put into practice in the on non-digital, hence physical goods sphere.

Away we said with the old “impossible” and hello to tangible new revenue streams!

Physical goods was a hot and much sought-after topic at this years Global Carrier Billing Summit.

Guillermo Escofet, Principal Analyst at the technology research company Omdia kicked off the conference with an analyst report on the state of the Carrier Billing market and presented emerging market opportunities, identifying new areas in which carrier-billed payments can play a role – and already do! Bike rentals and vending machines are examples of the billing of physical goods via DCB – already put into practice by DIMOCO.

Clemens Leitner, Director Carrier & Business Development at DIMOCO Carrier Billing, held a keynote speech on DCB for non-digital goods in practice

    • Live from Germany – insights in current use cases

    • Supporting marketing measures as success factors

    • Which learnings and take-aways can be adapted for a complete European roll-out?

Carrier Billing for non-digital goods in practice
Carrier Billing for non-digital goods in practice

In addition to our keynote DIMOCO was awarded Best Aggregator Solution for DCB and Most Exciting Merchant Offering for DCB in the Global Carrier Billing Awards.

But were these awards solely the doing of DIMOCO? Delighted and proud of the recognition we are, we acknowledge and thank our partners who were the first to recognize the opportunity Carrier Billing has install for the non-digital sphere and made these awards possible – merchants and mobile network operators alike!

Back in October 2020, DIMOCO announced the notification of the German mobile network operators Telefónica GermanyTelekom and Vodafone as DIMOCO payment agents, enabling them to process payments of goods and services under DIMOCOs payment license and process payments for goods and services outside the exemption PSD2 regulation. And so, the DCB story took its course, a story that was awarded a bestseller at the Global Carrier Billing Summit and lead to our awards. So, what in fact is the story line?

Best Aggregator Solution for DCB – DIMOCO enables Carrier Billing at Point of Sale

Admittedly, vending machines aren’t normally the first association with payment innovation, despite the ratio of their frequency. The main payment option provided is mostly cash- or even coin-based, meaning regular cash collection, maintenance and vulnerability towards thievery. The combination of a growing cashless society and Covid-19 related hygiene concerns are constantly shifting consumer behavior, the later remaining a concern when alternative payment methods such as debit and credit cards are offered.

Many cashless payment options such as NFC payments or credit cards have always translated to high acquisition costs for vending machine operators. Carrier Billing is finally the real alternative. Since 2021, vending operators offer cashless convenience across Germany, without requiring expensive hardware and investments, servicing to a growing cashless society and meeting Covid-19 related hygiene concerns.  Early industry movers recognized the need and the benefits of deploying a QR-based DCB payment option for its vending solutions across Germany.

All it needs is a QR sticker placed on the vending machine.

Carrier Billing enables a snack vending item to be paid for with just one click – the entire purchase process can be completed in a matter of seconds. The payment process is initiated via a QR code displayed on the vending machine. By scanning the code, the payment page displays the payment option DCB, the customer selects a product and the payment is done with only one additional click as the user is automatically verified and authorised via the mobile phone number in the background. No data requires to be manually entered. There is no need to register or enter sensitive data such as credit card or bank account details, nor to touch the buttons of vending machine itself.

Many non-digital industries – such as the vast vending machine market – were not able to derive benefits from the advantages the DCB digital sphere already relies on until now.

Most Exciting Merchant Offering for DCB – Carrier Billing market making for micro mobility sector

nextbike is currently the European market leader in bike sharing. Until spring 2021, cyclists could only pay by bank transfer, credit cards and PayPal, excluding many as these did not have access to these payment options or causing frustrated abandonments due to lengthy or complex payment processes. This year the merchant added Carrier Billing to their payment offering across Germany and the advantage was instantly apparent. Marking the nationwide launch and in support of the joint German Carrier Billing payment brand “Zahl einfach per Handyrechnung”, a three-month cash back campaign offered customers of Telekom, Telefónica o2 and Vodafone a nextbike credit. nextbike pushed the news via their app news, app banners, mobile push notifications, in app messages, Instagram, Facebook and their newsletter, in addition to over 1000 nextbike bicycles advertisement panels across and the promotion through the MNO B2C social media channels, an auto-installed nextbike app on new purchases mobile phones. And increased their sales.

nextbike and cyclists can now take advantage of the payment method many industries already rely on.

The Carrier Billing future across Europe

Germany has proven to be an exciting starting point with a promising prosperous future ahead, but most definitely not the final stop for the non-digital goods industry. DIMOCO holds a payment service license from the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA), passported to all EU member states and therefore can offer all European mobile network operators the same future revenue prospects the German operators have already signed up on.

Revenues from eRental, eScooters or car sharing, vending machines for snacks and beverages, EV charging, teleshopping, micro insurances, food deliveries, money remittance and many more industries are just a partnership away.

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