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The following page illustrate the correct handling of the DIMOCO word mark. Our word mark is the anchor of the DIMOCO branding and core to our corporate identity.
For this reason, it is of vital importance to use them correctly and consistently.

Logo DIMOCO Payments


The gradient version of the logo should be used primarily.
In some exceptions, such as when printing on certain materials, the solid version of our logo must be used since gradients may not have a satisfactory outcome.


Our logos consist of a left-aligned icon and a word mark. The logo is available in two versions: one includes “payments” a descriptor in addition.
The version of the logo which includes the descriptor should be used primarily, unless the readability is not ensures, such as in sports sponsoring or small print projects.


When implementing the logo, being aware of its size and legibility is key.  Please observe the clear space around the logo to maximise visual effectiveness. No other elements should intrude into this specified space.



Sponsoring Activewear Sport Athletes


For our athletes we designed a separate sponsoring guide. The logo to be used is the version without the descriptor. This is solely used for sponsoring of activewear sport athletes. Here, we also have the primary used gradient version and a solid version. 

Here, we differentiate when the original logo and the solid coloured logo is used. Also, since the logo is placed on mostly textiles and plastic materials, only the solid version must be used.

Please use the following three options in case of cluttered or light, dark or colored
backgrounds, including the rectangular backgrounds:


To achieve the ideal pink on printed materials, we optimised our CMYK version to the Pantone colour scheme. 


Exo 2 is our primary typeface, to be used in all documents (except email content). It sets a modern and dynamic tone for the DIMOCO brands. Other typefaces can be used only when typographic limitations occur (Excel tables, simulations of third-party websites and apps, absence of support for addition al fonts…).

Download Exo 2 here 

It is recommended to use the following font weights:

Exo 2 Light (Body text)

Exo 2 Regular (Body text in light on dark)

Exo 2 Medium (titles, emphasized body text)

Exo 2 Semi Bold (titles, emphasized body text)

Exo 2 Bold (titles, graphics)

Exo 2 Extra Light, Thin, Extra Bold and Black are NOT to be used)



Alexander Zajic

Graphic and Web Design Manager
Corporate Communications/ Marketing



Alexander Zajic

Graphic and Web Design Manager
Corporate Communications/ Marketing

Tel: +43 664 883 506 11
E-mail: Alexander.Zajic@dimoco.eu