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DCB takes the spotlight on the European stage in 2020 – and there is no reason you should miss out. 20 years of market expertise and 50 trade fair attendances solely in 2019 led us to identify a huge gap in the Direct Carrier Billing industry, namely the inability for many merchants to conquer the European market. And that is where we decided to step in.

In 2019 alone, the team of DIMOCO Carrier Billing visited a staggering amount of 50 trade events. After gathering valuable insights at various industry gatherings, ranging from affiliate shows, adult industry fairs to online gaming and iGaming events, we took a sharp look at the wide range of gathered impressions and decided to put specific challenges we detected into spotlight. New and creative business ideas were yielded, leading us to deep-dive into the iGaming industry for example. But we also saw many merchants still shy away from the European market, and this we set out to change.

In mid-2019, we started a project with the clear objective to conquer the European market in 2020, tackling merchants’ reservations to take full advantage of the continent, differing significantly from the MENA region or Asia in terms of regulatory framework, technical connections and of course marketing. A challenge for merchants maybe, but as DIMOCO, headquartered in Austria, is the leading provider for direct MNO connections in Europe and a European-wide regulated payment institute for Direct Carrier Billing, the road to success isn’t quite as bumpy as it may seem at first when partnering with us. In the past, everything revolved around (Premium SMS) billing, now almost fully developed into Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) the one connection to directly reach your costumers.

As most merchants know, an apparent increasing amount of marketing regulations must be taken under consideration too. But and here comes the good news, working with a licensed payment institute means that in fact this “headache” as many merchants may consider these will be taken care of due to the obligation of fulfilling all legal framework by the payment service provider. These mostly vary from country to country and may be perceived a sheer puzzle-maze at first, but happily we know the ropes.

The basis for implementing such a project is, of course, the merchant’s product. Only a high-end product will generate high and sustainable sales in Europe. This was the case mostly anyhow, in some cased we assisted with the optimization and then we were ready to set sale to the new continent! As many of our customers were new to this territory we’d be in constant contact, often daily, to define and refine our common strategy as you don’t just launch the European market, you do it at the best payment flows and conditions! And this is the second important pillar of our reaching our goal.
We at DIMOCO unite dedicated Country Managers for each country with local language skills and specific market expertise in our Mobile Network Operator Competence Center, achieving outstanding results as lo and behold, network operators are quite open, keen and committed to granting special conditions for high end products.
We can confidentially say that the best strategy to achieve optimum results in every respective country is to tackle these step by step, country by country, one country at a time. It is also it’s wise to support customers with marketing efforts, given that we’re often referred to as a “European local top-dog” we’re in the good position to supply you with the necessary contacts.

The bottom line of the whole story is that there is still huge potential in the European market and we still see an upward trend if the product is suitable for the European market, licensed content, OTT platforms and high-quality content is generally a safe bet!

We at DIMOCO will always do the extra mile for you. If you think that the European market is an unattainable goal too far away, you might want to reconsider and embark on the journey with us. We are constantly moving to work out new solutions and even better conditions.

At this point we would like to tackle a misconception: mobile payment is often more expensive compared to other payment methods. But then again it is a payment option that every end user – not only in Europe – holds in hand. And this is where the beauty lies.

Don’t see Direct Carrier Billing as your only payment method, consider it as additional due to its advantages. This mobile payment option supports impulse purchases and specializes in small amounts (micropayments). It is one of the easiest ways to convince your customer to purchase your product and ensure good conversion.

Bernd Pichler is currently employed as Area Sales Manager by DIMOCO . Since 2019, he has attended 20 trade events and has a clear understanding of the power Direct Carrier Billing bears in 2020. He will lead you to increase online sales and conversion, ensuring a safe passage to and smooth sailing of your digital services in Europe.

Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Vienna, Austria, DIMOCO is a regulated payment institute for Direct Carrier Billing and holds a payment service license from the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA), passported to all 28 EU member states.
As a trusted partner of mobile network operators, DIMOCO enables over 1.5 billion people across the globe to purchase goods and services from merchants and aggregators with their mobile devices, charged via the user’s phone bill or credit. All with a single API.

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